Life in the Manhattan

If you don’t hire a broker, trying to find an apartment of decent size with decent lighting in a decent neighborhood can be hard. When I first decided to move to NYC I set up a weekend visit with my best friend. I didn’t have numbers or emails or any idea how to find an apartment. Fortunately, another friend told me about This site is priceless. You can filter results based on all the things that are important to you.

After a few hours of searching I put together a list of potential apartments and set up time to see them. My prize find: 1 Columbus Place, New York., New York. It is one block from Columbus Circle, central park and the subway. The theater district and Lincoln Center are walk-able. There is a Whole Foods a regular grocery store and a Duane Reade right around the corner. Additionally, the building has an awesome sun deck to catch some rays in the summer that was never fully occupied. I got a great deal for my studio because I was on a limited budget and the apartment building was required to discount my monthly rent. The building was owned by Brodsky who has several apartment buildings throughout Manhattan. For more information check out


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