The Tourist

I just had the pleasure of seeing The Tourist starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. There was suspense and romance but in a less a bloody, vengeful, and expensive chase scene, ‘contemporary’ kind of way. It reminded me more of a classic suspense film like To Catch a Thief or Charade, two personal, all-time favorites.

Jolie looked ‘ravishing’ in her expensive attire. She played the part with an inspirational feminine beauty reminiscent of a 1950’s iconic star.

Depp was ‘ravenous’, and as usual dove head first into his characterization, allowing one to forget that he had ever starred in anything else, and just believe that who he portrayed was absolutely who he was. Depp and Jolie definitely had some impressive on screen chemistry. I was enthralled. In short: I loved it, and I recommend it.


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