Lovin’ Karl Lagerfeld

We love Karl Lagerfeld for his critical eye, his keen sense of style, and his passionate self-expression–at least when he’s expressing himself in perfectly tailored garments and must-have accessories. Maybe not as much when he expresses his style opinions verbally…Controversy surrounds recent remarks made by Lagerfeld in an interview with International Herald Tribune fashion writer Suzy Menkes for VogueTV. The innovative Lagerfeld expresses some of the challenges that he faced in bringing his creative energies into a brand that covets timelessness and its own heritage. “No one wanted to be told by an old lady that miniskirts and jeans were not chic.”

In my opinion, it’s only natural that the two fashion gods clashed at some point and if Lagerfeld saved the brand from dismissing the obviously chic miniskirt and the here-to-stay-forever jean, then power to him. Lagerfeld revamped, refreshed, and revitalized CHANEL. Instead of bashing another idol for having an opinion and stifling free expression, I think we should embrace Lagerfeld, celebrate his creative genius and trust that no matter what he says he will continue, as he has, to honor the spirit of Coco Chanel in all future CHANEL endeavors while also being true to his own artistic visions.

On a separate note, Macy’s has recently signed a deal with Lagerfeld to create a line for the department store called Impulse, which features collections from different luxury designers. The line is set to debut in fall of 2011. Here’s to hoping Lagerfeld for Impulse will be at least as good as Lagerfeld for H&M was!


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