Picking Your Pup

1. Border Collie

A friend of a friend brought home a precious new puppy. In not much time the new pooch was coined ‘devil dog’. Instead of becoming a loving addition to his life, the far too mischievous

2. Poodle

devil dog became a nightmare. To help you avoid this same mistake I have compiled some information on selecting a breed. If you already have some breeds in mind, Animal Planet has a great breed guide which

3. German Shepherd

ranks different breeds and describes characteristics from energy level to heat tolerance so you can find your best match.

Some dogs are smarter than other. While this doesn’t indicate what dog is ‘the best’, I still found it of interest. The top 5 are 1) Border Collie 2) Poodle 3) German Shepherd 4) Golden Retriever 5) Doberman Pinscher.

4. Golden Retriever

For a list of the top ten and a little more information about each click here.

5. Doberman Pinscher

You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends…and your pets. So do yourself the favor, take some time, and choose wisely. A good pet is like a good friend, priceless ( a little mushy but so true).


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