For The Ultimate Fratty or Prep ‘Doddy’

Ryder Cup Practice Uniform

Switching gears from little Sophie for a moment I have to praise Ciao Bella for adopting a new line of menswear, Peter Millar. For the gentleman who enjoys styling himself in the most distinguishable attire, I highly recommend some new purchases from this master of classic design. Who is Peter Millar? Oh just the guy who designed the highly sophisticated shirts and sweaters for the 2010 U.S. Ryder Cup Team. What could be frattier than that? If ever there was a gentleman’s game and only a gentleman’s game, minus Daly’s tantrums and Tiger’s affairs of course, it was golf.

Saturday's Ryder Cup Uniform

After perusing the brand’s site I was even more impressed. No real signs of snobbery just sophistication: “At some point being stylish began to mean uncomfortable jackets, painful shoes and pretentious attitudes. If that defines a fashion brand then we are a lifestyle brand.” As concerned with comfort and functionality as design these clothes seamlessly transition from play to work and back again. For the gentleman with more on his mind and a passion for life, not clothes, what could be better? What’s more, for my local followers, this global enterprise and mastermind of apparel is headquartered in our good ole’ North Carolina.

Tailored Peter Millar Menswear

As you select your fall attire and prepare your holiday wish lists, remember that while a gentleman’s charm and manners are his strong suit, pure style never hurt anyone. Lady’s who love a fratstar please note Peter Millar for your well dressed mate. As far as price point is concerned I’d rank it as a lot more affordable but just as classy as Brooks Brothers. For Chapel Hill locals, you can also find it at Julian’s on Franklin, ONeil’s in University Mall, Nordstrom at South Point, and Varsity Menswear at North Hills in Raleigh. For stores in other areas click here for the store finder.


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