To Work, Release, and Success!

I’m so excited for tonight! One, it’s my birthday and two–I’m on lunch break and ready to drop my face into my desk. I love to work, stay busy, and juggle multiple activities at once, but occasionally it leaves me a little worn down and ready for a release.

Tonight should be just the thing. So, here’s to all the friends that will make it the good-time medicine I’m in need of. Secondly, here’s to my internship, my job, and my classes–you keep me motivated, engaged, and free of boredom! I may be weary but I’ll never give up. There’s nothing like a good challenge, and working 40 hours a week this semester in addition to taking classes and beginning the job search has proved to be one. So lastly, here’s to my success and to all of you who work yourself to the bone!


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