What an amazing time to be alive in Chapel Hill. The weather is close to perfect, football season is underway, and exam week is a long way off. In general there seems to be a happy buzz about the town despite the horrific scandal that continues to haunt what was supposed to be the best season in years, maybe ever. People are laughing over Hitler’s outrage and buckets of wasted blue paint, And, while alumni are ranting disgruntled editorials over the inequity in expectations and treatment of students vs. athletes, as well as the loss of honor and prestige brought down upon the university by the actions of a few, their moods revert straight back to cheerful as soon as the last bitter remark rolls off their tongue. Hey, Shaun Draughn’s back this weekend!

Why not be happy?! We’re in the southern part of heaven, and there are loads of exciting things going on right now and in the upcoming weeks. Pools are still open, the heat has subsided enough to make all outdoor activities blissful, and the nightlife is full of energy. Bars are poppin’ and there’s finally enough students back and people on the dance floor to feel comfortable ‘bustin’ a move’ without having to go to overcrowded Eastend. Our first home game is this weekend, it’s not too late to catch a Durham Bull’s baseball game (, the Wailers are coming to Cat’s Cradle on September 24th, Carrboro Music Festival is on September 26th, and the World Beer Festival in Durham will be here October 9th (

If you’re not feeling generally good right now, get outside, try to appreciate the beauty around you, and pray that the gods get off your back. Now is an amazing time to be alive!

For more information about Cat’s Cradle concerts, the Wailers, or the Carrboro Music Festival, please check out the following sites:


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